"So far, I've had the luxury of indulging in the black raspberry and calendula petals soap, the vanilla and honey oat soap, and the clay rejuvenation mask. All 3 have been simply amazing! The soaps smell wonderful plus lather well and rinse clean but also leave my skin feeling soft. The clay mask has a pleasant tea smell and the peppermint feeling against my skin is very refreshing and cool. I definitely recommend these products and will be purchasing as gifts and for myself in the near future!"

 Katie Oatsvall

"I have been dealing with eczema for 6 years now. My major trouble spots are on my eyes and cheek, but I also have it on my arms as well. I have had to use several different kind of creams that never seemed to solve the problem but just mask it. If I were to forget to put the cream on I would break out almost immediately. I had a few that had steroids in them and would start to bleach my skin. I was at a loss until I heard of Mrs. B's Handmade Soaps. I started using the soap about a month ago and since then I have not had to use a single cream! I have not had a single break out! I am so extremely happy about the products she sells! I have used the hand cream and lip balm and I have not found a single product I have not loved! They not only work great they smell wonderful!

One Happy Customer,


"My favorite soap is their Southern Honey, but there isn't one I've tried that I didn't love. The Southern Honey is such a light but wonderful scent! Their soap is very moisturizing and almost feels like velvet on your skin- it's lovely!

Another of my favorite products are their lip balms! They are wonderful! If you haven't tried them yet, trust me when I say one is not enough! You will need one in every purse, at home and at work. The texture is so smooth and unlike other products from other companies, it nourishes your lips so you don't have to keep applying it over and over- but it feels so luxurious on your skin that you might do it anyway."

-Lorna Adams

"I was first introduced to Mrs. B's soaps at a women's wellness event several years ago. In talking to her, I became so impressed with her enthusiasm and chemistry background, and how she had introduced home-grown raspberries into her soap; but, to be honest, I bought my first bar of her Black Raspberry soap because I loved the soft, subtle and natural scent of it. After getting that first bar home and using it, I was hooked. The soap lathers well, and leaves your skin feeling so soft and clean (and smelling so good). As we all know, aging skin needs extra care, and I've found Mrs. B's soaps are the perfect way to keep my skin in the best condition it has been in years. I won't use anything else. I have been buying bars of her soap ever since, and have given it as gifts to my special friends, with rave revues. I encourage you to try the black raspberry, but be sure and save some for me!"

-Lisa Jones

"I've been using Mrs. B's Handmade Soaps for three years now because I have eczema really bad. I've tried almost everything but I started using the Black Raspberry soap and it is by far my favorite! It lathers well and leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling amazing! I haven't had to use a moisturizer after I started using her products. I recommend this to anybody!"

-Dakota Jordan

"I discovered Mrs. B's Handmade Soaps about a year ago. Southern Honey, Pink Grapefruit, Black Raspberry, Lemon Zing, and Lemongrass, WOW! I just love it. It leaves my skin soft and the scent lasts a long time. I am impressed by the quality of thee soaps and the smell is divine too. I've also used the Vapor Rub, Lip Balm and Hard Lotions, another big like! My all time favorite are the Lily Bells. I am a mail carrier so a long hot relaxing bath at the end of the day with Mrs. B's Lily Bells is just what I need. No lotion required after a Lily Bell, it leaves you skin feeling smooth and oh so soft. I have tried a variety of the scents and Eucalyptus is my favorite. I look forward to buying more! I am so happy to have found Mrs. B's Handmade Soaps. I am never without a bar of soap, it works wonders on my dry itchy skin. Ever since I discovered I had thyroid issues, my skin is horribly dry and itchy plus having eczema on top of that. I haven't found anything that does the job except Mrs. B's products. The Foaming Sugar Scrub is also very gentle & comes in such lovely scents and rinses easily. I have just used the Sugar Scrub for the first time & I am in love. You will not be disappointed with any of the products, I have told my friends all about the products & have recommended they check out Mrs. B's website. I can hardly wait to try all the other products. At last natural products that really work & are a joy to use!"

-Rachel Miller

"Mrs. B's Handmade Soaps are as good for the soul as they are for the skin. Organic, home grown, natural ingredients, means that my skin stays soft and moisturized while I support a local and environmentally conscious business. I have not used anything that rivals the lip balm and body scrub! The holidays are coming up and I highly recommend treating your loved ones with anything from Mrs. B's line. You will not be disappointed!

-Carrie Hilliard 

"This stuff is amazing!!! We used it on the 4th of July. Let's just say it became the community bug repellent. Smells amazing and most importantly is safe for my babies!!! Already have another order put in for it when we run out."

"Love this product!!! Getting ready to go outside and he's putting his own bug repellent on (Shows picture of toddler putting on Bug Off!). Thanks Mrs. B for this magical stuff."

-Ashley Jackson