Moisture Baby (Unscented)


Unscented & free from coloring. 

These Bath Bombs are specially made for children & adults with very sensitive skin. Everyone loves Bath Bombs, especially kids! I have children with sensitive skin & allergies to strong smells. I wanted to make something special for kids like mine, who don't really need the benefits of essential oils in their baths, but love to watch Bath Bombs fizz & I added Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, & Olive Oil for moisturizing skin.

This Moisture Baby is completely 100% Natural, Organic & free from scents & coloring. 

As with all of our other Bath Bombs, it is an easy & fun way to soften dry, itchy skin. You simply drop one into your bath. As it fizzes, it releases oils into the water, leaving your skin soft. There's no need to put oil or moisturizer on after getting out of the tub. 

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