Aromatherapy Shower Bomb 6 pack


Aromatherapy Shower Bomb

6 pack

These Shower bombs are a great way to use essential oils to help in every day life! You can choose the same kind of Shower Bombs or two of each. 

Simply unwrap, drop into the floor of the shower while showering and enjoy the benefits of these small power packed Shower Bombs. Make sure its in the stream of the water so that they can be activated and fizz the wonderful oils into the air. As the bomb fizzes it releases the essential oils into the air. The oils then mix with the shower steam to create a spa like experience. While showering you breath in the oils in the steam & are then able to get the benefits from them.

Having trouble waking up or need a little pick me up in the morning? Use a Citrus Shower Bomb!

Stuffed up from allergies or a cold? Find relief with a Eucalyptus Shower Bomb!

Having trouble unwinding at the end of the day & can't sleep? Relax with a Lavender & Chamomile Shower Bomb!

Ingredients: Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Herbal Water, Natural Herbal Infusions, Essential Oil Mix

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