Southern Honey Soap

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5.5 oz. Southern Honey Soap

Handcrafted & Formulated To:

Nourish Skin With Locally Sourced Honey

Southern Honey Soap is divine. One of the best sellers for good reason. It gets it's beautiful creamy color from local sourced raw honey. The scent is feminine & soft, with a hint of toffee. As with all of our soaps, it leaves you skin moisturized & soft. It's a great soap for the summer.

Ingredients: Saponified Coconut & Olive Oil • Raw Honey• Vitamin E• Fragrance Oil

"My favorite soap is their Southern Honey, but there isn't one I've tried that I didn't love. The Southern Honey is such a light but wonderful scent! Their soap is very moisturizing and almost feels like velvet on your skin--it's lovely!
Another of my favorite products are their lip balms! They are wonderful! If you haven't tried them yet, trust me when I say one isn't enough! You will need one in every purse, at home and at work. The texture is so smooth and unlike other products from other companies, it nourishes your lips so you don't have to keep applying it over and over--but it feels so luxurious on your skin that you might do it anyway."

-Lorna Adams

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